For the Current Cabin Owner

If you are already fortunate enough to have a cabin at the lake, you know how great it is to entertain family and friends. Being surrounded by your family and watching them play at the lake is one of the joys of cabin ownership.

The only problem occurs when your cabin just isn’t big enough to hold everyone who wants to visit. You simply don’t have enough space to fit one more blow up mattress for the kids or your don’t want to make your friends sleep on the sofa sleeper. You don’t want to turn your friends away and you especially don’t want to turn your family away!

This dilemma may only happen once or twice a year and for those times you would love to have a guest cabin for everyone to sleep comfortably. The problem is, you don’t have room for a guest cottage on your property, you don’t want to invest in a guest cottage and you certainly don’t want to maintain a guest cottage!

With Fractional Real Estate, you will have the guest cottage you need during those limited times of year that you need it. You will be assured that your guests will have a comfortable place to stay and you won’t need to make a major investment of your time and money for those limited times of the year when your place simply isn’t big enough.