For the First Time Cabin Owner

We all dream of owning a cabin at the lake. The question is: How long are you willing to scrimp and save to get to the lake?

You remember all the great memories you have enjoyed at the lake. Will your kids or grandkids be too old to enjoy the lake by the time you have saved enough? Will you be able to teach them how to bait a hook. Will you be able to enjoy the call of a loon together?

After looking at lots of different lake cabins and dreaming about owning a place at the lake, many people realize that the cabin or lake they really want is out of their price range.

Sometimes they reach this conclusion after looking at “For Sale” listings like those on this website and sometimes they reach this conclusion after spending hours with real estate agents.

After they reach this conclusion, people usually do one of two things:
1. Buy a starter cabin on a lake they didn’t really want
2. Decide that they won’t settle for a starter cabin and proclaim that a lake cabin is a luxury they can’t justify because they won’t use it enough to justify the cost.

For those people who won’t settle for a starter cabin and who are lucky enough to have friends or relatives who have also reached this same conclusion, they will discuss buying a cabin together. They realize that when they buy a cabin together, they will be able to lower their initial expense and the ongoing expense of having a cabin. Sometimes they will realize that with more buyers, they will have less work to do on their cabin – another great benefit!

Fractional Real Estate is just like this type of arrangement except all “the agreements” have been worked out ahead of time so you don’t have to worry (or argue) about things later. Your legal and financial interests are fully protected and you don’t have to “settle”.