What is special about the Declaration of Fractional Ownership here?

At Clamshell Beach, we asked people what they liked about coming to the lake, we looked at the Declaration of Fractional Ownerships that are used by other properties, and have solved one of the basic problems many people perceive. First, we defined the seasons that make the most sense to people who vacation in Minnesota and we have not carbon copied Declarations from another state or region. Secondly, your time here in the summer DOES NOT ROTATE. Rotating week in the summer does not allow owners to see familiar faces each year and makes it difficult to plan a family tradition. We invite you to read about each of the seasons here and compare our Declarations with other properties and see how it fits your vacation desires!

As a reminder, when you buy Condominium Fractional Real Estate, you get a condo Declaration and a Declaration of Fractional Ownership. This is the document which is recorded with your deed and defines who can use the cottage at what time. Think of it like the similar agreements that family members have when they buy a cottage together.

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