Quarter Shares, Fifth Shares, Ten Shares – what’s best?

The answer to this question is based upon HOW MUCH you can use the cabin and HOW you will use it.

If you need 12 weeks of usage, then a quarter share ownership might make the most sense. Typically, quarter share ownership provides one week in each month and the weeks change each year. For example, in your first year you would have the first week of each week of each month and the second year you would have the second week and so on until you rotate back to the first week again.

If you need 10 weeks of usage, then a fifth share might make the most sense. When you buy a fifth share at the Cottages on Whitefish you get two weeks that are “fixed” in the prime weeks of summer – they don’t rotate from year to year so you can have a reliable tradition at the lake. The remaining eight weeks rotate – two of the weeks are in the shoulder season, two of these weeks are holiday weeks, and four weeks are Flex Weeks.

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